I love this time of year. There's an exciting sense of renewal as the vine buds open and a new season begins, with the prospect of a good harvest at the end of it.

We're busy bottling and packing the new wines at present, as well as keeping a close eye on the vineyard to chase off kangaroos looking for an easy meal on those sweet new shoots!

We'll post the offer of the new wines to our mailing list subscribers in early October and then open the cellar doors to all from Saturday 13 November for 3 weekends, COVID restrictions permitting.

This year we're releasing the 2020 vintage reds and the 2021 Rosé. Unfortunately we only have a very small quantity of the reds, as this was our smallest harvest in 35 years and the smallest ever on the 20 rows Shiraz block. The good news is 2021 was much better so we have a decent amount of Rosé this year and we'll have a much better quantity of reds available for next year's release. They're looking good.

If you're planning/able to visit in November, you can check here in the weeks beforehand if COVID restrictions are likely to affect our opening and what wines may be available at cellar door this year.

In the meantime, enjoy the spring (hopefully with some occasional showers of rain to keep the vines happy) and keep well.

With best wishes,

Drew and Rae.





This website is designed to provide winery information,  including back vintage tasting notes, to existing customers and interested others. Information about purchasing the wines can be found in 'About Us'. In the weeks prior to Cellar Door opening in November the ‘Latest News’ above will have up to date information about wines available if you are planning to visit. Sorry, there are no purchasing facilities on this site.

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